Client Accolades

We've used Joseph Richmond for many years. He has consistently delivered high quality service to meet our sometimes demanding deadlines. Perhaps most importantly, he has helped to keep our business on track, even with the recent economic challenges. Mr. Richmond understands the needs of our company and works with us to ensure that JMS meets its financial goals.

Joel Shaw
JMS, Inc
Boston, MA

Our agency has used the services of JOSEPH A RICHMOND, CPA for conducting the annual audit and also to train staff on budget issues, financial reporting and on the use of MIP software for accounting. Mr. Richmond takes a diligent, professional approach to all of the work required by CAAS.

As a federally funded agency, CAAS is required to have an annual audit conducted under the guidelines of OMB Circular A-133. This can be a daunting and time consuming task. Working with Mr. Richmond makes this process clear and straightforward. The financial statements produced during the audit have become a comprehensive year end tool used by the management and Board of the Agency to review the state of the Agency and the trends of its funding sources.

Mr. Richmond's calm and sound methods of training are commendable. He is patient and courteous, taking the time necessary to explain each process or function in a manner that the staff person understands. His wonderful, dry sense of humor puts people at ease, making it easier to focus on learning new procedures.

Cheryl A. Gerrior
Director of Finance and Administration
Community Action Agency of Somerville, Inc.
Somerville, MA